Going out on a limb….
Going out on a limb here …. and feeling very vulnerable.
I have felt a calling to create a free program on “Ecstatic Belonging.” In creating this, I am drawing on my years of experience as a practitioner and teacher of sacred intimacy, and weaving together other learnings…. from psychedelic medicine, transformative justice and queer ecology.
“Ecstatic Belonging” is the theme that loosely organizes my personal explorations, on my medicine path. I will share how I use psychedelic medicines and somatic practices to rewild my mind, enhance my intimate relationships, and support the co-creation of loving community. Erotic celebration and death preparation practices help me find my way, in the relentless daily violences of capitalism’s crumble. We can learn to live and die in ever-better love, instead of being ruled by fear. We can feel our way to ecstatic experiences of transpersonal belonging, instead of being stuck with the traumatic experiences of belonging that capitalism and colonialism teach us. “Ecstatic Belonging” is a way of life that helps me attune to the rhythms of the wild world, around and within. When we connect ecstasy with equilibrium, there is a truing mechanism for personal and interpersonal neuroendocrine systems. You can register for this free program now and explore the ideas and practices – see if they resonate. I’ll be active in adding ideas and resources, and offering opportunities for connection, through 2023. https://ecstaticbelonging.com/
photo by Grace Hann, from a joyful time of climbing trees together
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