Pelvic Pain Clinic

Pelvic Pain Clinic


“Pelvic Pain Clinic is a wonderful and much-needed resource for people living with pelvic pain, and for the health-care professionals who serve them.”
Corinne Diachuk, President, Somatic Sex Educators Association

This unique approach to the treatment of pelvic pain transforms the cycle of pain, anxiety and tension into one of increasing ease, confidence and pleasure.

Many lives and relationships are profoundly impacted by persistent pelvic pain.

Original medical conditions frequently become complicated with anxiety, depression and social isolation, as pelvic pain affects sexual pleasure and intimate relationships. All too often, people do not feel empowered to talk with medical professionals and partners. Health-care providers are uneducated on key issues including the impact of trauma, the importance of honoring gender diversity, and treatments that support tissue health and pleasure sensitivity, instead of simply numbing pain.

This book shows you how to:

  • work with and through the body to resolve pain and access pleasure
    become trauma-informed, and understand the impact of trauma and stress on pelvic pain
  • map pelvic and genital anatomy
  • communicate openly with medical professionals and partners
  • have touch practices that address pain and explore pleasure
    engage pleasure as a resource for healing pelvic pain

This book is a textbook for the Somatic Sex Education Professional Training, and these practices are taught in Caffyn’s own online program on the Art and Science of Sacred Intimacy.