Retreats and Rituals

Retreats and Rituals


As I walk the medicine path of embodied love, in the Ecstatic Belonging program I share freely, I host a ritual here on the theme of each two month period. If you are a kindred spirit on the path, and you want to participate in and contribute to a ritual, please contact me. I am retired from my role as guide and teacher. I only journey and share bodywork with peers and friends. If you are a potential friend who I don’t yet know, please reach out. Tell me who you are, what you are curious about, and how you resonate with my work.

The upstairs of my home is a separate small apartment available to folks who want a short-term rental “retreat.”  This is simply to rent a beautiful, affordable, quiet and independent accommodation, so you can enjoy the beauties of Salt Spring Island. Please book through AirBnB. If you are familiar with my work and want to explore possibilities of sharing a journey, a bodywork exchange, a meal or a mountain walk while you are here, please contact me.

If you are looking for a teacher and a guide in the realm of Somatic Sex Education, this is a link to a page listing of wonderful practitioners, many of whom have studied with me: Directory.

There is also the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education, where I have designed a lot of teaching that is ongoing, with wonderful younger teachers and an ever-evolving curriculum.

If you are looking for teachers and guides in the realm of psychedelic medicine, the Psychedelic Association of Canada has many helpful resources. You can connect with the folks at Being Held for a teaching program and guides network based in Western Canada, and look at this Website for a directory of psychedelic guides.