Sexual Wellness

Sexual Wellness


I worked and taught in the realm of sexual wellness for two decades.  My teachings are available in low-cost online programs, as well as books and videos.


The Art and Science of Sacred Intimacy

In this in-depth program, participants learn and practice body-based techniques for healing, pleasure and empowerment, with careful attention to the weave of sex and soul. There are many benefits, and precautions necessary, in the practice of Sacred Intimacy. Sacred Intimacy is about unwinding sexual trauma, challenging the gender binary, exploring the intersections of science, sex and spirit, and creating erotic community.

Somatic Sex Educator Professional Training

Being an innovator and a rebel can be deeply satisfying and financially rewarding. Working as a somatic sex educator, you can make a real difference in people’s lives. You can have this tremendously satisfying experience every day, and also be able to earn a good living as a sought-after practitioner. There is so much sexual wounding in our world, and there are not nearly enough trained people available to address this.
People are seeking sex educators who are willing to work with embodied practices that address trauma, support healing, and expand what is possible for them sexually. But they need to know that they can trust you! Our extensive training, professional associations, and clear guidelines for ethical practice make trust possible. In the Somatic Sex Educator professional training, I have designed a lot of teaching that is ongoing, with wonderful younger teachers and an ever-evolving curriculum.

Learn Erotic Massage

When we touch, we touch people’s entire history, their deepest wounds, their secret identity, their healing powers and their most profound capacity for joy. Touch that is meant to offer pleasure can slip unwittingly into hurt and harm. In the program Learn Erotic Massage I describe how to offer sensual and erotic massage, with competent care and transforming love.