Transformative Justice

Transformative Justice

My path of embodied love is inspired by Transformative Justice – the Black-led, global activist movement to abolish the prison-industrial complex, and replace it with a world of competent care and enduring love. Oppressive, violent, punishing, exploitative systems are everywhere around us. They also live within us. With a dedicated, imperfect practice of embodied love, we imagine and live into new worlds. Beginning wherever we are, we each can contribute some small part. 

To contribute my small part, I share tools and practices that can support our engaging in generative conflict in counternormative communities. The “Map of Generative Conflict”, the “Apology Ritual” and other resources from the Ecstatic Belonging program, and the many Transformative-Justice related Resources at, may be helpful in supporting our co-creation of places of social permaculture. These are free resources for counternormative communities where we are actively practicing being committed to our own souls, and at the same time, committed to loving relationship with one another. When we fail each other, and have harmful impacts, we can learn to reach for repair.

I am committed to integrating the erotic into our understanding of somatics, neurobiology, and how we navigate connection and conflict. I want our sacred, courageous, queer erotic energy to be liberated from the impact of so much trauma, and integrated into the practice of somatic abolitionism. 

For more on somatic abolitionism, see Resmaa Menakem. For a resonant Community of Practice see Rooted Global Village.

I hope you will also join me on the medicine path of embodied love.  As we support each other in Belonging to Repair, we can better fight capitalism and colonialism with our wild imaginations, loving touch and daring dreams.