About Caffyn

About Caffyn

Caffyn Jesse is a queer elder, sacred intimate, teacher and writer who revels in the power and pleasures of the erotic. They are a renowned teacher of sex, intimacy and healing trauma with pleasure. Encouraging neuroplastic change to support sexual healing and expanded pleasure, unwinding sexual trauma, exploring the intersection of sex and spirit, creating erotic community are all core to their work and play. Caffyn is a tireless advocate of embodied love.

Caffyn offers an Intimacy Educator teaching in an online program on The Art and Science of Sacred Intimacy. They host regular “office hours” where you can meet, connect and ask questions. They also offer a program on psychedelic medicine integration.

Caffyn’s books include Love and Death in a Queer Universe, Elements of Intimacy, Sensual Man, Science for Sexual Happiness, Intimacy Educator: Teaching with Touch, Elements of Intimacy and Pelvic Pain Clinic.

Caffyn taught for many years in the Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education professional trainings, as well as offering their training for Intimacy Educators, occasional workshops on topics ranging from pelvic pain to sex in long-term relationships, and a trauma training for professionals who touch.

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