The Anatomy of Pleasure

Onika Henry and Caffyn Jesse, The Anatomy of Pleasure: A taste of the Genital Galaxy
Reproduction rights available to these beautiful and diverse images of genitals and genital anatomy

Anatomy of Pleasure is a book by two esteemed somatic sex educators who have helped hundreds of clients understand, heal and celebrate their sexuality. Onika Henry and Caffyn Jesse describe The Anatomy of Pleasure as presenting “a small taste of the delicious diversity of genitals.” You will find drawings here that honor many diverse genital structures, and the fabulous shapes, forms and colours that genitals come in. The authors rejoice that “genitals are as different as faces.” Their book includes intersex and transgender genitals, emphasizes that gonadal structure does not determine gender identity, and celebrates non-biological genitals. Anatomy diagrams show systems of arousal and erection, along with pelvic musculature and innervation.

The authors hope “these images will invite you to feel more authentic, compassionate and fully accepting of the vast diversity of life, including your own uniqueness.”

This book is available on Kindle and as a free PDF (download HERE.) The images in this book can also be purchased as set of slides, for use by sexologists in their practice HERE.

Anatomy of Pleasure authors Onika Henry and Caffyn Jesse

Anatomy of Pleasure pages available as slides with reproduction rights
Anatomy of Pleasure drawings available as slides with reproduction rights
Reproduction rights available to pleasure anatomy genital anatomy drawings

“You have and still remain a guiding light, a profound love - across dimensions and illusions of time and space - and a beacon of remembering 'what we are.' In me, You are a Calling Home.”
Mari Abraham
“You opened up a new doorway for me, about how I could be, what my life, my world and my community could look like. You are so powerful, so special - you show me what it means to be a teacher: fallible, full of flaws, and full of beauty, truth and power.”
Kai Cheng Thom
“You are a fiercely loving powerhouse of change and remembering - of the body, stories and erotic wisdom.”
Solanna Anderson
“It is especially important to me personally that you are holding a torch for erotic wellbeing and authentic sexual expression. It is so rare to know an elder who carries wisdom and hope to heal one of humanity's deepest shadows.”
Nijlan Rosalia Bastet
“I couldn't be more grateful for the grace, kindness, love, acceptance and empowerment that I've been shown and taught. I am left speechless when I contemplate the life I've lived before this work, and the massive change and transformation I've found as a result of engaging with this paradigm of relationship with my self and other selves. So thank you, from the depths of my soul, for being you, and sharing you.”
David M