Caffyn Jesse

6-Point Plan

What might a social revolution led by sacred intimates demand? Here is a playful manifesto and practical 6-Point Plan. Get Greedy. Want More. Pay for Love and Intimacy. Pay Extra for Injustice. Savour Inequality. Be Unworthy of Love. learn to Die.

Orgasm – the music of origin and end

This orgasm music from Barry Carl is a beautiful expression of the music-before-music. Solar flares, the pulse of distant stars, birdsong, and orgasm share the same rhythms… I’ve written about how psychedelic medicine and erotic practice can connect us with the ecstatic rhythms of the universe.

Breath and Energy Orgasm

Listening to this free 15-minute “Breath and Energy Orgasm” meditation from Caffyn Jesse is a way to ignite and amplify erotic aliveness, and enjoy an energy orgasm.

Welcome Home Ritual

What if there was no part of ourselves that was too shameful, ugly and unlovable to be welcomed home? I want to weave a world where we can bring our most our impossible-to-hold parts to our intimates, to have them listened to, and loved. Not fixed, denied, reassured, soothed, transformed or shamed. Welcomed. Cherished.

Cultivate your fantasies

This is a free guided meditation you can use to cultivate your imagination. One of the simplest and most effective ways to amplify sexual wellness is to cultivate the erotic imagination. Fantasies can be much more than snippets of distracted erotic thoughts. Stories stimulate our nervous systems and generate physiological arousal. They help bring novelty, focus and adventure to our erotic lives. In fantasies, we have space to freely play, and generate new possibilities.