6-Point Plan

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What might a social revolution led by sacred intimates demand? Here is my playful manifesto and practical 6-Point Plan.

  1. Get Greedy. Want More!

Their version of greed is so anorexic.

Want beauty and magic. Want the ecstatic. Want love, care, and sweet satisfaction. Want more!

  1. Pay for Love and Intimacy.

Value what really matters.

We’re told that love and intimacy should be free. Care is devalued. Whoring is illegal. Let’s turn it around! How would the world transform, if people paid for what they really want?

  1. Pay Extra for Injustice.

Let’s make it a time-limited game, with loving aftercare.

Get used and abused; experience random violence and contempt. Desire injustice, without trying to enforce it where it’s unwanted. Pay extra to play…. within the wheel of consent.

  1. Celebrate Inequality.

Unlock the true wealth.

We embody differences at so many levels. Why would we nullify the abundance? Justice emerges from deepening support for diversity. What is the truth of you?

(The original kings and queens were profoundly disabled. By embodying their difference so powerfully, they evoked financial support and deep respect. Let’s reinstate the real royalty.)

  1. Be Unworthy of Love.

Experience love as undeserved grace.

Instead of hiding, projecting and electing the parts of us that are unworthy, let’s get attached to our shadows. Let’s grow more generous and joyful forms of loving.

  1. Learn to Die

Welcome death as one of many forms of freedom.

They spend billions on war, just to keep death from their particular door…. Let’s not play that game. We can learn to die, and dance in the great romance with ancestors. We can practice dying with many joyful orgasms.


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