Orgasm – the music of origin and end

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My dear friend Barry Carl is wonderful practitioner the arts of intimacy. He’s also a musician, and he has woven a new and beautiful soundscape that I take great joy in listening to… It gets me dancing. As I listen, I feel awake and alive – connected to my own soul, and to the universe.

Barry describes his creative process: “A few years ago, I discovered a delicious French web site, called ‘Bijoux Indiscretes‘. On it, I found a library of anonymously posted mp3’s of people’s orgasms. I was stunned and delighted at this dazzling gallery of delicious, intimate people noise.” Barry found the immediacy, unvarnished honesty, and sheer variety of sounds from all over the world thrilling. The site allowed downloads, and he began to collect orgasm sounds – with no clear idea of where he was going with the project.

Caffyn Jesse and Barry Carl walking in the woods on Salt Spring Island

The sounds “tickled my musicking brain,” Barry says. “At first I tried to fit the music of orgasm into a more traditional musical framework. But I slowly realized that the music I was reaching toward was the intrinsic, spontaneous music of orgasm itself, rather than the structures that have evolved into what we call music. I was hearing a weaving of sounds into patterns and meanings that were beyond the range of my mind’s ears.”

As Barry talked about his creative process, I realized why I love listening to this piece so much. It’s a beautiful expression of the music-before-music. Solar flares, the pulse of distant stars, birdsong, and orgasm share the same rhythms… I’ve written about how psychedelic medicine and erotic practice can connect us with the ecstatic rhythms of the universe. (SEE HERE and HERE) Here with Barry’s soundscape is another way that works for me. What works for you?

Barry has invited me to post his music for you, for free! He says, “You may want to dance or move to it. You may want to simply listen. It may want to become part of a pleasure practice. You may have your own unique application for it. Whatever your choice, I hope that it brings you joy.”

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