Rewilding Our Bodies and Our Minds

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Thinking about how we need each other’s help, to rewild our bodies and our minds….

Trauma keeps the erotic imagination separate from any future we dare dream of.  Minds keep muttering about the damage and the dangers. Bodies dissociate from terrors. We keep desires small. It’s all so wise. Muttering and muting are brilliant neuroendocrine responses to trauma. It’s what keeps us alive, until we find our way home.

But once we are home, we need to co-create the safe-enough, brave-enough embodied practices, that help us come off mute, so we can really know and grieve our agonies, and belong to our own longings for ecstasy. We need embodied experiences that restore integrity, and foster intimacy. We need space and support, so we can rewild our minds, then reach for rapture, inhabit extended climax states, and savour post-orgasmic bliss. Actual practice, in brave-enough, safe-enough relationships, is what lets us fully inhabit our neuroendocrine systems. Instead of muting and muttering, we can soften and soar, as we realign with the rhythms of the biosphere.

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