Belonging to the Song
Every morning, at this time of year, the birds all sing, calling in their mates, and celebrating survival. It’s Spring! They listen for each other. With exquisitely sensitive hearing, they weave a symphony of sound…. even though there is always another kind of noise vibrating through the air. There’s a loud buzz of traffic from a nearby road. Airplanes fly overhead; there are distant chainsaws. Birds discern. Somehow, they ignore the noise, and listen to the music. They belong to the song.
I want to be like birds, as I attune to my intimate world, both human and non-human. How can I belong to the song?
Can I listen for the sweet music of each person I love, without getting distracted by all the noise? Can we keep on discerning what song only we can sing, in the weave of each particular us? What if I give my attention to the music, with more and more precision? I am inspired by the grove I’m perched in, in this photo. Trees of different species are entangled in an ongoing co-creation, and more birds sing.
photo by Billie Shirley Lorna Woods
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